Meaning of the name Hailee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Hero.. I looked it up..
My name is Hailee and actually it means you're a hero. It can also mean hay field, trying to make harmony, and warm and nurturing
Hi my name is Hailee and I am athletic, smart, loving, and very hyper!:) But my biggest character trait is Rolling on the floor FUNNY. :P I love to sing, dance, hang out with friends, and play basketball.
this name means awesomeness
My name is Hailee and all the boys I know want to date me... I'm nice smart funny blond and goofy
Funny, smart and just being yourself that is what Hailee means in my book.
Pretty, but can be a fine person. In love.
my name is Hailee and this is what my name means (saying it proudly) :)
My name is hailee and i think im ugly.
My name is Hailee and it means Heroine in a different language, but I don't know what! Does anybody else know?
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