Meaning of the name Hailee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Hero.. I looked it up..
My name is Hailee and actually it means you're a hero. It can also mean hay field, trying to make harmony, and warm and nurturing
Hi my name is Hailee and I am athletic, smart, loving, and very hyper!:) But my biggest character trait is Rolling on the floor FUNNY. :P I love to sing, dance, hang out with friends, and play basketball.
this name means awesomeness
My name is Hailee and all the boys I know want to date me... I'm nice smart funny blond and goofy
Funny, smart and just being yourself that is what Hailee means in my book.
Pretty, but can be a fine person. In love.
my name is Hailee and this is what my name means (saying it proudly) :)
My name is hailee and i think im ugly.
In my opinion and I am a male, I think you're redinag way to much into this and to listen to your girlfriends is just girl gossip. He already told you it is strictly professional and he is in a committed relationship. I'd put it to you like this, If Danny is only trying to help you. Why Not? If he touches you then I would quit with his help. And then you would be right; My instincts tell me you may be provoking the relationship that you are trying to keep so professional and in that case you should cease all contact with him before you get in between him and his girlfriend. Just one males opinion!
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