Meaning of the name Hailey:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
beautiful with a great sense of humor
the name Hailey means the bestest people on the planet. Whoever is named Hailey, YOU ROCK! anybody who isn't named Hailey should be completely jelous if you know anybody who is named Hailey........BECAUSE ALL HAILEY'S OF THE WORLD ROCK. WOOOOHOOOOO! :)
The girl I like is name hailey and I know she is very beautiful and has a great sense of humor
Smart and heroic
she is my best friend and she is sweet like a rose
My name is hailey and i am soooooo funny
it means ur caring and love the world and stop cusing people!!!!
My name is Hailey and I think it means Funny,smart,talented,amazing sence of humor,and all the Hailey's I know have been through a extremely hard time and and still are or have witnessed something atrocious and life scarring but have stayed brave and strong no matter what may happen. :)
A very cool chic. Whoever hates this name is cuckoo.
I am hailey
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