Meaning of the name Haimund:
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Gender: Male
Usage: German
that it was fine to keep it that way, just denote a chgane when we move and sell. I still get tons of mail in my maiden name as a result. I really like my married name. It's a short, not sure what ethnic name it is compared to my long, often mispronounced Polish maiden name. I kept my middle name and didn't do the middle name switch. Before I got married, I asked if my parents cared either way and they didn't. Luckily, my brother has two boys, so the Polish last name remains while we get to bring some more into the world with our last name.Also, my husband kept his last name when his parents divorced while his brother took his step-dad's. So, I see it as important to keep our name out there as well with that. It's funny because in his family, there are three different last names for the same extended family.
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