Meaning of the name Hajna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hungarian
For a long time the idea of happy Christians baffled me. I thuoght, if the church rejects you why do you want to be a part of it? Then I saw the wonderful dofoamentary We're All Angels and I got it.With social networks like Facebook or the presumably rising Google+ one might ask the same question if Google+, Facebook & Friendster reject your idenpillowy but Myspace, Twitter & Plurk all embrace your idenpillowy, why not just reject Google+, Facebook & Friendster why not build your community and your life in an inclusive, tolerant environment where you are welcome.Add that it is claimed that only governments can censor or deny free speech. That when corporations do the same thing, it's simply a business decision as to who they choose to offer their product to.These ideas make sense from one perspective. But consider that The Facebook Nation today stands at more than double the size of the United States. Facebook is closing in on China as the most populous nation on earth. It may seem silly to compare an online nation to a physical nation, but I teach university art, and for a great many of my students, their citizenship in the Facebook Nation is far more important to them than their geographic citizenship. Perhaps this is a byproduct of living in the comparatively stable West. If we were in the developing world, we might have a different perspective.When Facebook is the dialog or as we imagine, when Google+ may become the dialog, then to deny us equality and voice there is to deny us basic human rights. It is to deny real human beings the ability to participate in culture. It it to claim, and to attempt to make so by hegemonic corporate force, that we are less than human.
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