Meaning of the name Håkon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Norwegian
I was surprised by the same thing and thus asked Mr. Leong about it in the ssosien promoted above. His argument is that large corporations might even negatively infect future entrepreneurs with a need to control and conform' to very structured procedures common to big businesses. Admittedly, this is likely to be inappropriate and counterproductive in small entrepreneurial firms where accounting is simply measuring cash in cash out . Still, I cannot help thinking that VCs are entirely wrong when they try to force startups to hire an experienced CEO from a larger business. I think the ability to start and manage an entrepreneurial firm benefits from a certain level of the flexibility and informality described before, but that an experienced manager is just as important when it comes to growing the startup quickly. Practical large business experience should enable an entrepreneur to avoid some of the hurdles common to managing a corporation from scratch.
very important and popular and also awesome!!!!! Haakons are number 1
High Son
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