Meaning of the name Halvdan:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Norwegian
As a politician he served as the Norwegian Minister of Foreign Affairs from 1935 to 1941. He was never elected as a member of the Parliament of Norway, but was a member of Brum municipal council in 19171919 and 19291937. He joined the Labour Party around 1910, having formerly adhered to the Liberal Party. He became controversial as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Second World War, where he clung to a policy of Norway being neutral. This led to his exit from the cabinet and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but he returned to an academic career track and wrote major works in the 1950s and 1960s. As an academic he was a professor of history at the Royal Frederick University (now: University of Oslo) from 1910 to 1935, having advanced in the ranks from research fellow since 1900 and docent since 1908. Well donned with honours, he among others held an honorary degree at the University of Oxford. He was a prolific writer, and touched upon numerous subjects during his long academic career. Penning several biographies, his works on Johan Sverdrup and Henrik Ibsen spanned several volumes each. He became known for syntheses on Norwegian history, and emphasized the roles of peasants and wage laborers as historical agents who found their place in an expanding notion of the Norwegian nation. He was also interested in the United States and its history, and was a pioneer in this respect in Norway. Another specific issue for which Koht became known, was his views on the Norwegian language. He promoted the Samnorsk ideal, and a reform pushing the formal written language in this direction was indeed agreed to in 1938, but historical events led to the downfall of this policy. He was also an activist in the Norwegian and international peace movement, and was a member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. As an activist and politician he was described as a strong-willed and individualistic, and nurturing a strong belief in taking an academic and legal perspective on political problems. He came from a resourceful family, with his father being a parliamentarian, and his wife being a noted teacher, writer and women's rights activist. His two children both had distinguished careers; as a child psychologist and an ambrear endador respectively, and his grandchildren also reached high positions in politics, academia and organizations
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