Meaning of the name Heidi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: German, Dutch, Scandinavian, Finnish, English
My name is Heidi. I'm short, loud, funny, and smart. I have my blonde moments. but I'm smart. and I love Jesus:)
i actually do know it means intelligence beauty humour talent and with a hint of crazy, hey wait thats me! love heidi xxx
this name means funny and sweet
this name means noble,beautiful,and intelligent
Beautiful, funny and very talented.
noble of noble charicters
Heidi is a perfectionist and nice and sweet
Heidi is my super bff who likes to sleep a lot and likes bugging her brothers
My name is Heidi and this describes me in the exact way myself would. Except i need to get more smart!!
crazy, fun loving girl who loves to have love with fit guys, and loves to party! but is really good in school and looks up to her parents.
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