Meaning of the name Hermione:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek Mythology
My favoret Harry potter charecter. So pretty
Harry Potter fans Unite!!!-alexa
The freakin' beautiful Emma Watson
cool, bookish and logical -- also owns a Time Turner...POTTER FANS UNITE!!!
It means helped beat the crud out of Voldemort.
it means totally gorgeous and marries ron...POTTER FANS UNITE!!!
at my school,we love harry potter,and i happen to be Hermione. i love the name! i think it stands for a true friend,a fighter for what she believes in,and yes, HARRY POTTER FANS UNITE!!!
A pretty person who loves animals
smarty p[ants so much smarter than ron weasley go harry potter
It means she is smart and AWESOME Harry potter fans!
It means a now it all, showoff and a fan of books euwwwwwww. Harry Potter fans unite! Boooooooo hermione
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