Meaning of the name Hikaru:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Japanese
It means light, shine, bright.So basically it means that the person is smart, fast, clever, sharp....Pretty much the most awesome name!
i drink moonshine
i know some one named harry dogerson
As in the Hikaru from Oran highschool host club? HE IS KAWAIII !!!!! :) 8D
omg! haha i love hikaru from ouran highschool host club!!! yaoi
His brother is Kaoru~
Ouran highschool host club I'm in love with hikaru an kaoru i love how they get on tamaki's nerves and create twincest
AWWW!!!!!!!! If you mean the one from Ouran he is so KAWAI!!!! And it means sparkly! All you fangirls who agree with me reply. Kay?
i love Hikaru from Ouran, and it might be just because he is more devious, and if you are a fan girl who agrees with me reply. And his name means sparkly.
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