Meaning of the name Iachin:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
it means that your a happy
gently caress gently caress
Dr. Decker,I read the post by Carpenter on biblical lauganges and the priesthood of the believer, and I agree one must not constantly refer to the Greek or Hebrew from the pulpit. However, I still have questions regarding this topic. The priesthood argument was used rear enduming all things were equal (The Bible is open to all who have a firm understanding of the original lauganges). However, this is not the case in most churches. Secondly, even if all people had a competent understanding of the originals, the priesthood of believers would not remove the need for those who were gifted to teach the body (Eph 4:11). This seems to suggest that all are not equal in their ability to understand and interpret the Scriptures. The original recipients of the letters spoke the original lauganges, but they still required teachers. This seems to go against the argument for the priesthood which is being advanced. So while it seems that referring to the original lauganges can be detrimental, could the other extreme (saying all can properly interpret if they know the lauganges) be equally detrimental?
it means your foucused but usually childesh
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