Meaning of the name Ibtisam:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
Smlie :]
Is someone so annoying sometimes you might want to pull there hair out. She tells lies. She is bossy. She has a smile alright, a freaky smile
She's a kind person. she has her moments like everyone else. She has a happy smile she's always happy and beautiful
a dramatic person who hogs the computer watches baby shows and fights like a baby.and she doesnt know anything and she is a freakyperson she has a smile, a freaky one!
she is someone who is annoying, and bossy and is a rear end. She thinks she is the best WHEN she knows she is a failure
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A funny parson
Is aprson how always when you look to them feac they are smil
a bossy but loving person. has a freaky smile
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