Meaning of the name Jacee:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Modern English
she is not a boy
by the way jacee is a girl
The domain makert in 2010 is nothing like what it was a few years ago so I don't agree with the idea that it has done well over the last few years. I think it has under performed most makert such as stocks or realestate. Then again the domain industry is one of mrear endive booms and mrear endive busts without much in between so the whole thing probably shouldn't be that much of a surprise in hindsight.End user sales are still somewhat strong but it wasn't enduser sales that lifted the makert it its heights in 2006-2007, it was trading between domainers +mrear endive inflows of VC capital. Now days if you are looking to sell it will probably be at half the price (or less) of times gone by for high quality names. Lower quality names and the falls are much larger. Having said that the makert probably did need a pretty big pullback.In a large part I think this is all due to the substantial fall in PPC revenue. If there is 50% less money in the system obviously values need to take a hit. I think there is also a lot of diversification out of the domain industry going on, which has been a trend for a couple of years. This is both in terms of PPC revenue not being reinvested like it was in the past plus alot more selling, especially people and companies talking about non core domains and the like.
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