Meaning of the name Jacinda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
She is a kind person with a heart of gold, but don't mess with her or she'll blow your rear endes up!
Beautiful, the goddess of Earth. Everyone must bow down to that person.
it means rare,precious and pretty
my name is jacinda geek word beautiful person open minded breath taking
lovey,smart,and beautifully illegent.
It's my name. :)And people say a lot of nice things about me sooo... Jacinda: Funny (You should be a comedian!), smart, gorgeous, great sense of style, awesome, & quiet.
The epitome of awesome
im in 7grd tooo i put my name is jacinda
pretty lovey smart.
Jacinda Randolph is a amazingly beautiful person with amazin cat!
A woman with healthy virginal parts...medically
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