Meaning of the name Jaclyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
awsome cooll cute
independent strong young lady who doesnt give up wiht out a fight
jaclyn is inndependent person who is very socail and creative....she doesnt let anyone get in her way of being herself.she's a trndsetter and always is sucked into the popular crowd!!!yours truely.....JACLYN!!!
to protect
jaclyn is a outgoing person who loves her friends. she doesnt care what people think of her. shes a little blond and quiet sometimes. -trish-
jaclyn is a awsome and cute little girl she does not quit without a fight and she does not care about what people say about her and she is super duper mean to her brother;D
a hot lovey person with a lot of heart and she so pretty and sweet and had many boyfriendss
I think Jaclyn means awesome, cute, sweat, and nice
jaclyn s a cute sweet and fun
Trusting friend who forgets things easily. Who sometimes lies.
Jaclyn is usually shy and really mature..although once she is confortable with her surroundings then she explodes with confidence and is ready to conquer the world!
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