Meaning of the name Jaclyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
awsome cooll cute
independent strong young lady who doesnt give up wiht out a fight
jaclyn is inndependent person who is very socail and creative....she doesnt let anyone get in her way of being herself.she's a trndsetter and always is sucked into the popular crowd!!!yours truely.....JACLYN!!!
to protect
jaclyn is a outgoing person who loves her friends. she doesnt care what people think of her. shes a little blond and quiet sometimes. -trish-
jaclyn is a awsome and cute little girl she does not quit without a fight and she does not care about what people say about her and she is super duper mean to her brother;D
a hot lovey person with a lot of heart and she so pretty and sweet and had many boyfriendss
I think Jaclyn means awesome, cute, sweat, and nice
jaclyn s a cute sweet and fun
Trusting friend who forgets things easily. Who sometimes lies.
Jaclyn's are chill as gently caress
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