Meaning of the name Jacques:
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Gender: Male
Usage: French
Handsome,awsome,amazing,loveble ,I know a Jacques and he is the best guy I have ever met. He is lovey,black hair. Unforgetteble ,if u know me u would know I'm talking about Jacques ______ he is in my skool and I love him so back off his mine
that it means best firends and he is my brother! :(
handsome and awesome
well my name is jacques in english it is james
Cute mustache beards ocean I LOVE U Jacques Cartier
explorer because jacques cartier
Explorer Canada mustache beard cartier ocean ship boat 1491 1534 1535 1541-1542 1557):
One who performs manuel labor, a make servant
A beutiful parakeet that likes to bite his owner. Lives with caring friend, Jayne.
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