Meaning of the name Jade:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, French
a girl with immense strength. never backs down.
people should know that the name is really pretty and feminem and its absolutely great!!!
my best friend is jade and she is awsome
um...I think the name means a strong, beautiful, confident person?
A Beautiful Precious person
a jem which is green and very pretty it also means you like nature x
jade is a gem
jade is very nice and only fights when angry plus jade is a gem the color green and purple thats awsome
jade is a gem and a precious girl
the name actually means a mothers precious is a great name and it has more than one meaning. look it up idiots
jade is the female version or the male name jaden, it literally means precious gem, in that jade means a precious person. Jade can be seen as a mean person in many TV shows such as Victorious and My Wife and Kids, there the Jade's in that story are mean and self-centered
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