Meaning of the name Jaffe:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Hebrew
drat jews
Weird name.....
Vangel's statement about dreillrs stopping work on natural gas just tells me that there will be long term supply available.The problem is not the lack of gas. It is the inability to produce shale gas economically because the energy needed to extract and distribute it is greater than the energy content of the gas that is produced.If shale gas were really such a good idea why are the producers pulling back and issuing bonds at 7.5% to try to fund drilling for shale oil? You can choose to believe stories or you can look at things as they are. All it will take to get it is slightly higher prices. In other words, a traditional supply-demand curve applies to natural gas.You are missing the bigger picture. It costs energy to get the energy out. As long as the ratio does not work shale gas will continue to be uneconomic. The pipe that is used to extract the gas takes energy to produce. So does the cement that keeps it in place. So do the chemicals that are in the fracking fluid. And the motors that turn the drills. Add it all up and you see that the production process falls short under most cirfoamstances because shale has a very low energy density. Money is a great motivator. If the producers can make a profit you will see them selling as much as they can get out of the ground. The fact that they are reducing drilling means that they can't make a real profit. I do not mean to imply that there aren't major undiscovered gas fields that can't be produced very cheaply. If Mexico allowed foreign companies to explore without expropriation risk I would be investing a lot of money there because it is likely to have some very interesting and rich deposits. There are other great conventional targets elsewhere but those would require mrear endive capital investment that makes little sense at this time.
happy man RAPIST
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