Meaning of the name Jai:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Indian
Extrodanary Wise and gifted
Jai means a beautiful lovey man that cares for his fam. and friends and even cares about school and it also means pretty much all of the gods he can be crazy but also real bromancy w/ boys and romancy w/ girls
jai is my belly endon friend
My name is jai
Jai Christopher Robert Allen
it means he is the most rocking prson ever
idjsgiosedvnfuizdsxff'JEIC V[frfiuyhs7udfyhlief
they like peanut ender
he is sooooooooo funny and is the best friend alive
Jai is a cute sweet boy who is really chill
my cousin name is JAI and HAPPY DIWALiilovey
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