Meaning of the name Jaida:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Jaida means funny, argumentive,selfish and unique. Fun around her friends but around family honest and sometimes rude. Can be harsh but deep inside doesn't feel harsh at all. Jaida is my sisters name she 8. But when she grows up half of that will change!!! Jaida means pretty creature to meh!!!!
it mean cool styilish my name is jaida
jelousy can easily overtake their life
jaida means out going and beautiful and very conceded and likes to think of them self alot and is crazy
jaida is a beuatiful name and its my sister's doesnt mean fat ham haters!!!1
Jaida: It means a beautiful independent woman, who doesn't take anyones crap.. LbvsIt also means that she is funny, conceited, loving, very argumenative, sweet, and clrear endy..She loves her haters because they motivate her and loves to have a fun time..! (without all the drama)She is a flirt but is very faithful once she is in a relationship.. And she does have a smart a** mouth for all those who like to create rumors and be ignorant.. I would know because my name is: Jaida DeChelle Monique Malone..
Jaida is a name given to one that understand her self who know who she is and won't let anyone change her for the worst. Haters hate themselves so Jaida hates them. She is smart, independent, has strong feelings, and always puts other people's needs before her own. She does not take sides and is beautiful on the inside and out.
my name is jaida,i think it should mean awsome.
my name is jada
My name is jaida to and I do the same things too,
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