Meaning of the name Jaya:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Indian, Hindu Mythology
It's a beautiful name that means goddess and means you're a sweet, talented, stylish unique person
my best friends name is jaya and she is amazing and sweet she loves to draw horses andnever yell she is senitive and a all around good friend
I only know that in Indian,Jaya means goddess or female god or whateva~sent by Alisha :)
Well, my name is jaya and i know it means goddess of Victory and money, hisbicus
well hear name is jaya and yea!!!!
im cute fun n unique person-ps.jaya
smart, beautiful,caring,lovable,peaceful,goddess,money,great personality,musical,works hard,effortful,sweet,gentle,star,beautiful inside and out, tough,nothing stands in her way,creative,gorgeous,shy,romance,glamorous/stylish,gorgeouys,athletic,unique,graceful,fast learner,lovey and whateva ya want it 2 b
my best friend is named jaya. she is super sweet and loves to dance. she is good natured and is super fun to be around.
my niece's name is Jaya so I think that i means that she is beautiful and that she will be smart when she gets older
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