Meaning of the name Julianna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hungarian, Polish, English
Julianna means gracious, youthful and fair faced.
caring,shy,sweet,kind,loving,funny,fun to be around,pretty,smart,loves cats! And is our best friend
Julianna is a sweet, caring, pretty, perfect (but not in a bad way)!One of our BFFs! She always has gorgeous hair and she has 10 sibilings! -Brooke and Shelby
I am a Julianna too. This name means youthful, and it is italian
i'm a julianna but i think anyone who has this name could be different . but it doesn't mean all juliannas are like this.
My sister's name is Julianna. It's a really pretty name. Anyways it means "soft-haired or youthful" kinda funny right?
definetley not a creep,kind,fun to hang with,quiet,responsible and she never gets mad at her friends unless its serious and she is my best friend so if you find yourself a julianna keep her
chick with a nice rear end and small pillows
My name is Julianna And i match that description perfectly so stick that in your juice box and suck it
very nice, beautiful, HOT, funny, loving,HOT, andan awesome friend
it is also spelled like this if u want to be unqie julliana hahahhahahahhahahah
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