Meaning of the name Julianna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hungarian, Polish, English
Julianna means gracious, youthful and fair faced.
caring,shy,sweet,kind,loving,funny,fun to be around,pretty,smart,loves cats! And is our best friend
Julianna is a sweet, caring, pretty, perfect (but not in a bad way)!One of our BFFs! She always has gorgeous hair and she has 10 sibilings! -Brooke and Shelby
I am a Julianna too. This name means youthful, and it is italian
i'm a julianna but i think anyone who has this name could be different . but it doesn't mean all juliannas are like this.
My sister's name is Julianna. It's a really pretty name. Anyways it means "soft-haired or youthful" kinda funny right?
definetley not a creep,kind,fun to hang with,quiet,responsible and she never gets mad at her friends unless its serious and she is my best friend so if you find yourself a julianna keep her
chick with a nice rear end and small pillows
My name is Julianna And i match that description perfectly so stick that in your juice box and suck it
very nice, beautiful, HOT, funny, loving,HOT, andan awesome friend
one girl at my schools name is julianna, and shes really beautiful, funny, creative, and very smart! She is so talented in playing piano and singing! She goes to glen crest middle school and shes not the most popular, but i really dont get why. Shes just a fun girl to be around
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