Meaning of the name Justina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Slovene, Czech, Lithuanian, Late Roman
screw you whoever said Justina is the famale side of Justin bieber when its not. Go F your self for making fun of a name
wow that is my name (justina) love it
The best name evaaaa
my bff is justina and she is the best person i know and she will always be my friend no matter what happens between us..we have had plenty of fights but we still pulled thru it all..i luv u chika! ~!DG!~
Just to let you know I will always speak mey mind!!!
a really nice name
best name evaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
I like that name I am a boy and single
this name means a very fair person and they are not two faced so they will tell you there mind no doubt about it
Shutup.Beaver boy sucks. My girlfriends name is Justina and shes awesome. So stop hating.
Everyone stfu if you think that is the girly side of justin bieber. pop a dog in your mouth.
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