Meaning of the name Justinian:
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Gender: Male
Usage: History
Justinian is roughly "The Just One".
what the hell is justanian
Justinian was an king from anicent times that established new laws within his own empire but was know for his wife who was orgainaly a woman and for his cruel acts to those who betraid him.
Justin Morgan
Latin version of Justin.
My brother's name is Justin but he likes to be called Justinian for some weird reason.
he was a byzantine ruler at one point.
none of theese peaple shoid be saying bad and mean things about peaples name thats rude okay so dont say any more and thats that be nice and promise that from the girl named jessica.
jk gently caresser
wierd and goofy!
A cheap knockoff of the name Justin and is just plain unusual. Lol I. Love. Justin. Bieber.
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