Meaning of the name Kaclise:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
Yes, your post is exactly right and an expalme of why I am COMPLETELY INFURIATED at Google+'s TOTAL FAIL.Story:In good faith, although I was dubious about the wisdom of a real name policy online in the first place, I put my real name on google's site back in beta. I hadn't been back for a while because nothing ever happens there. When I went back two days ago I was banned for violating the names policy by using my real name.I had put my simple, not uncommon last name only in the last name field, so I can't imagine that was the problem. The problem likely was what I put in the first anem field, which is the same problem facebook has with me and why I am NOT ALLOWED to use my real name on facebook, although I have tried, on multiple occasions, and cannot reach a person to correct the problem.The name by which everyone knows me is my middle name, which is both slightly unusual/unbelievale sounding AND has an apostrophe. To mitigate this, I add my legal first name, which is common to the point of being boring, and the second middle anmes' initial. Yes, I have two middle names. THIS IS MY LEGAL NAME. I use it in a variety of contexts. Having two middle names is not unheard of, although unusual in America at least. Google+ has no field at all for a middle name, of course. So I filled this out in the long first name field it fit. I see other people's profiles with middle names listed as well so I don't see why it should be a problem.So to recap my name was listed as lets call it Jane P. Middle's Last .And for this, they suspended me.I don't have any other website where my name is listed exactly like this that I can link them to, so I'm down to sending strangers in charge of a social networking site my government ID. are they serious?
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