Meaning of the name Kacper:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Polish
Large dog!!!
a iodiot some of them
N6oAeb I think this is a real great blog article.Thanks Again. Fantastic.
athletic and wont do brownt jkjkjkj
sanitry pad
sanitry pad
Stay informtavie, San Diego, yeah boy!
I can’t help tninkihg of the time I had just finished a cigarette in the car. When I was ready to start the car, I threw my keys out the window and jammed my smouldering cigarette end in the ignition. ( What a mess. ) Good morning Sarah! Hope you had a nice weekend.
A ghost!
It means a handsome young man who trys his best in all he does and never gives up :-))
Kacper means strong hearted but adapts easily to others. Kacper also means one who loves nature.
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