Meaning of the name Kaelee:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Rare)
kaylee means lovey
A fun loving girl who loves every color of the ranibow. Is barerly dating cuz she thinks its weird and awkward. Doesnt kiss a lot. Waits for the right time. Very bright. Energetic.
loves to laughfriends with everyonelikes to smile
Pure and slender
pretty with big honkers
goooo tooo urrrt gently caressinnn happpy placeee fine personhh!!!
that is my sisters name and she is very pretty!
Keeper of the keys. Individual who knows what they want because she is used to standing out in a crowd
Kaelee means a very shy girl who is waiting to come out her shell, But is easily amused and LOVES blue eyes. With green eyes and long brown hair, Cute with freckles, And loves tan guys.
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