Meaning of the name Kaelyn:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
Kaelyn means pure beauty
it mean your nice and sweet
my name means pure beauty.
lovey nice funny ect.
Stupid YouTuber
It ultimately means the most ugly unbeautifull person don't touch them or you will die.CAUTION THEY ARE LESBIAN
A loving AWESOME BOMB rear end fine person
Hi Tarynn,I am in the baby group Mary emailed and I cnerrutly do not have much as my babies are still in newborn clothes even though they are 14 weeks old (6 weeks early). I am glad to see he does have the stuff Ella needs right now and that he is doing what he is. I think it is awesome. I will see if I have anything and if I do I will give it to Mary tomorrow. Tell your brother good luck and he has more people rooting for him then he knows about. Being a parent is hard enough but doing it for someone else that takes a special person.
yes my cuz kaelyn dont get it but clearly it means a person ha a fat rear end.
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