Meaning of the name Kahn:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hindu
Beth F - I reeviw all the books I read but this one I read for a blog tour and my reeviw will be up on the 27th. Wendy - Glad I made you curious! I'm done now, it was a pretty good read. :)Margot - I picked up the quote first so then when I was typing out the other one I realised I could tie them together. Glad it worked. Terri B. - LOL. I know! I kind of wondered about the handsprings too. And I'm so glad you like the calendar! I think I already thanked you but thanks again for buying one! :)Sylvie - Sorry to hear you have the flu, that's never fun. :(Hope you feel better very soon.Wanda - I'm actually not crazy about the pillowle of the book, but it was a very enjoyable read. Wendi B. - That's an understatement, although there is some acceptance later one. :)saveophelia - Hey yourself! Thank you again for the award. :)
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