Meaning of the name Kaila:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Yiddish
This name means you are a angel and you will stand up for what you believe in :)
This name means 'Pure' (:
lol i think it means smart and pretty and a good friend and does not care what anybody thinks of her=)
kaila is the bestest friend anyone could have and a sweet person
Kaila is the one all the boys want to go out with
It means Honest and Cute. I have a honest and cute cousin cousin named Kaila and i have a friend named Kaila. no homo. they both pretty and honest.
it actually means "pure" in old English
the key holder
Whoever's name is kaila,is a bright,always smiling person :-)
this name means "to be nice kind and loveY!!!
Hey my name is kaila I am 10
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