Meaning of the name Kain:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical Greek
Nice and careing
brave and bold
'Kain' is the Greek word for 'care.'
imma beast imma imma imma beast -kain
im sooo beast thats my name yaaaaa buddy!! -kain
im so frikn awesome yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa buddy!-kain
It means my name is kain I DGAF wat cain nd able did my name is spelled completely different from the bible guys so back up cuz I truely am the beast of all kains
The name kain means, shy, loving, caring, protective. When you love a person you would beat someone up for them and you are shy the first time you see there face that u cant talk. You love them deeply but dont know how to tell have many friends and you have a successful life in front of you.
Whvoeer wrote this, you know how to make a good article.
Nice and good at hiding emotion.
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