Meaning of the name Kaipo:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hawaiian
Evander is a male name. A hero of the Trojan wars. Evander Holyfield professional boxer, 4 times world heyaewvight champ. Not a nice name for a girl.Venus is too blatantly rear endociated with love to be a good name for a girl. A boy named Adonis would have an awful lot to live up to and would probably be teased a lot. On the plus side he could be nicknamed Don.Prosper doesn't sound much like a name even though it is one.Damon and Liam (not Liem) are both nice and wouldn't cause much trouble. There are a variety of ways that Damon can be pronounced and someone with that name might have to deal with spelling and pronunciation issues from time to time but probably not often.
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