Meaning of the name Kaleigh:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Kaleigh is a beautiful name. It states that you are confident,smart and helpful person. I love that name!
Kaleigh means happy funny lovable crazy sporty and awesome. It means nice and sweet
Kaleigh means happy funny sporty lovable nice caring and awesome
What up with the big end stuff? Either way I was told Kaleigh is a type of dance or means dance. And It's from Ireland. And Yes Kaleigh's are freakn' awesome!
Kaleigh means a great friend
my bff's name is kaleigh so dont go typing random letters making fun of her...I take offense easily
she is my bestest friend in the whole wide world we have NEVER gotten in a fight she is the most awesome person u will ever meet she is awesome and has swagger
Kaleigh is a kind and up spirited girl
me, happy lovely, well also awesome
i am a kaleigh and some of you are offensive to i have like 5 best friends and i actually think some of you are rude cause you are saying like if your name is kaleigh change it and i like my name so close your black hole
happy mangy touche-cunt
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