Meaning of the name Karen:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Danish, Norwegian, German, English
Beautiful woman in the inside. Everyone loves you Karen.
Pure with natural beauty
nice, friendly and helpful
Karen just means pure && natural. Karen iss ah name that means earth which iss 1 of the 4 elements that make uss up:)
karen means lovely girl
Karen means pure
karen id the nicest and prettiest girl eveerrr she soo nice and reallyy really smart ............. and i lllluuuvvv3333 hheerr sooooo muchh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
o and im also skinny thankyou verry much (size 0)
im called karen and im pretty and succesful.
mason means: hottest guy in the whole world he is friendly and helpful and honest
the name Karen mean sweet and kind in the inside
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