Meaning of the name Kimberly:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Sweet, but quiet at times. Insecure alone but confident around friends. Wishes to be kind to everyone though others hold her back. Smart, not nerdy. Likes sports even though she isn't the best.
fun to be with, nice personality, a great person
in old meaning it means a peaceful outgoing person or a beauty
Kimberly is a name of beauty.
amazing, funny, sweet, always there to help, and a great person
a awesome person :D
Kimberly is a name that you should wear with pride as it is a name that means happiness and kind-hearted. Someone with the name Kimberly will be someone who is beautiful, kind, someone who will always put others first and she will be someone who would give you the last pound in her pocket. SO BACK OF YOU woman BAGS YOU KNOW gently caress ALL ABOUT THE NAME KIMBERLY YOU ARE BASING ALL OF YOUR COMMENTS ON THE PEOPLE WHO YOU KNOW ARE CALLED KIMBERLY. NOT ALL PEOPLE WITH THE NAME KIMBERLY ARE GOING TO BE THE SAME AS THE PEOPLE WHO YOU KNOW. SO GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT BEFORE YOU START TALKING ABOUT THINGS THAT YOU KNOW gently caress ALL ABOUT.
Beautful.... its my name
kimberly is the best there ever was
Kimberly is my life
it means Queen in some language
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