Meaning of the name Kirsten:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Danish, Norwegian, English
Means a beatiful girl, who is hated, but loved, she has an angelic theme when she walks through your door, she loves all who please her, and make her smile, her wings of hope never fly away, even through hard time she wont go a stray.
Kirsten means: loving, caring, devil sometimes, beautiful, pretty, awesome!! she's my big sister nd i love her to death nd would do anyhting for her!!
You are awesome KIrsten:)
It means annointed follower of christ, or chosen one.
the angel one
A beatiful girl that is loved buy most people she may meet. but when it suits her she can be a fiery devil
the choosen one
she is so pretty, best hair
My name means im the chosen one
Kirsten means great friend, beautiful, kind, loving, courages, ton boy, funny, quiet, and my BFF Kirsten K
The chosen one; anointed one; follower of ChristYou'll never meet someone like her ever. She is sometimes hated but also loved by soooo many. She is a devilish angel.
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