Meaning of the name Kjerstin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Swedish, Norwegian
kjerstin IS a real name. a Norwegian immagrant girl in my clrear end is called Kjerstin.TAKE THAT,WORLDOFWEBNAMES.COM CREATOR!!!!!
my name is Kjrstyn this is the closest name to mine i could find and it is a real name and you will never find it in dictionary searches because it is so rare to see either Kjerstin or Kjrstyn. Especially not English ones because it is Swedish. so stop calling me fake world of web creator! can you please add kjrstyn to your list?
world of webs creator y r u here? Looking for some one to criticize? Go look some were else!
my math teacher is named kjerstin
The name Kjerstin means that the girl is very beautiful. Anyone named Kjerstin has a special personality that you can't find on anyone else. She may be a little cranky at times but is hard to get mad at. Kjerstin means beautiful personality. :)
a beautiful intelligent happy person who is nice and can get cranky at times but is nice to be around this is a SWEDISH or NORWEGIAN name so shut up "world of creator"
it means the name christina
Kjerstin means crancky
This is not a name. The english vocabulary list of names does not consist of the name "Kjerstin" Sincerly Speaking, "" Creator
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