Meaning of the name Lacandice:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
rhaiah franccizca
OMG. I hate my name, and I don't even want to hear it, so I have a lot of nicknames and such just to cover up my name.First, I want three names, mine is just one.Second, It's so girly, and it's a coibniatmon of my grandma's name and Cory Aquino, (my country's ex president)Third, since it's a coibniatmon, I can't find any meaning for it, and thats what I'm ranting about the most until now.And no no, I can't change my name, it will cause me thousands here in my country. and my parents would not like it a bit.I always wanted Rhaiah Angela Fiona as my name. haha.
Joseph seemed to fit the bill prtety well. ^___^It is actually my middle name; Harker is an old family name that didn' get enough attention. I have a fair number of pseudonyms and nicknames floating around, but if I had to just change it wholesale, I've always kind of liked Will . Not William (well, maybe William) or Billy or Willy or Bill, but Will.That, or something totally off the wall, like Gandalf or Rhadamanthus.Probably I'll keep my name(s), as it/they is/are distinctive, but the exercise is good practice for if I have kids someday for the record, I like Sophia better than Gabrielle, name-wise.
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