Meaning of the name Lacey:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
lacey stands for the most beautifull girl in the whoe WORLD! (:
lacey means nice, beautiful,good friend,and just a very outgoing person. some of you who be hattin on the name lacey are just jelouse because you dont have it.
someone who is fun, good listener, and a perfect girl
Laceys can also be very delicate and easy to hurt but care about others even if they are haters
Lacey is a ROCKIN name you meano's!!!!!
means outgoing and nice person even in a mad mood.
A beautiful, gentle, poetic person
Lacey means hopeful in greek
freakin awesome!!
A very nice person. Brown eyes, poetic, kinda short. Loves the guitar, and LOVES to laugh
Lacey means a sweet, smart, outgoing person. She is sarcastic and sometime rude but cares about others. She makes friends easily and loves to make people happy! Lacey in Greek means Hopeful! This means she has a lot of hope and love for everyone. She will never give up on someone whether friends or not!!! Lacey is a beautiful name for a beautiful girl she acts like she knows everything so she can be smart like everyone!!! She also doesn't like being herself!!! She loves music and art she always says she will be an artist someday and always believes in herself!!! So if your name is Lacey and this is wrong just fix it but this is me!!!!
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