Meaning of the name Lacey:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
lacey stands for the most beautifull girl in the whoe WORLD! (:
lacey means nice, beautiful,good friend,and just a very outgoing person. some of you who be hattin on the name lacey are just jelouse because you dont have it.
someone who is fun, good listener, and a perfect girl
Laceys can also be very delicate and easy to hurt but care about others even if they are haters
Lacey is a ROCKIN name you meano's!!!!!
means outgoing and nice person even in a mad mood.
A beautiful, gentle, poetic person
Lacey means hopeful in greek
freakin awesome!!
A very nice person. Brown eyes, poetic, kinda short. Loves the guitar, and LOVES to laugh
i am lacey , and i am blonde with green eyes. I am really spazzy! hahah
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