Meaning of the name Lakshmi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian, Hindu Mythology
Hindu goddess of wealth
my godness i am hindu
its a godesess name :) in hindu religoin
meaning of shrayathi
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I read the Wall Street Journal article. First, alhtough I can see you have published in a number of quality publications, it is such a great compliment to have WSJ publish your work. Bravo! Second, you blended business with culture, religion, and food in such a way I could smell the aromas and envision the colorful sari's floating past as women prepare for the blessing of the books.Third, you gave us wonderful insight into the Indian culture. I had a sense of the Hindu desire to revere the inner light, but was totally "in the dark" about blessing balance sheets!Thanks for sharing.Jeanette R.
it the godess name that can change into many forms by it emotions
Lakshmi Mai is the Hindu Goddess of wealth and prosperity.
my mom's name
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