Meaning of the name Lemuel:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical, Mormon
Belonging, devoted an dedicated to God
Who is he? Lemuel is a tender-hearted and likeable chap who sincerely cares about other people and believes that love is all that matters. He is generally pleasant, cheerful and helpful; although underneath the surface he is actually a rather nervous and anxious character. His restlessness could be manifested as a certain instability or an incessant mobility. He is impressionable with an active imagination, a faculty that provides him with a sanctuary when the going gets tough. Rather vulnerable in the face of lifes harsher realities, he could become withdrawn or attempt to escape by literally running away , through travel or by throwing himself into more or less anarchic adventures. He is seduced by change, and fantasy is a part of his nature; however he can go through phases of stability and routine where he attempts to get his life in order, followed by others that are characterized by change and soul-searching with an outright refusal of restriction. Lemuel wants to be liked and very much enjoys being Mr Charming, which can mean that he has trouble resisting enticements... He can be weak-willed at times, breaking his own resolutions more often than he would like. Lemuel is a disconcerting man around whom one doesnt always know how to behave. As a child, he is extremely sensitive and highly strung with a great need for security. It is important for his parents to be present and attentive, and to set certain non-negotiable limits. A firm, but affectionate upbringing is necessary, otherwise he is quite likely to lead a chaotic and unstable existence. It would be a very good idea to encourage him to participate in activities outside of the family home, such as sport for example, which will allow him to develop his sense of solidarity and community. What does he like?While he possesses tremendous imagination and loves adventure, Lemuel nevertheless appreciates order and stability, undoubtedly because security is important to him. He loves nature and all animals, including those who walk on their hind legs and use credit cards; which incites him to participate in groups and rear endociations that share the same ideals. In matters of the heart, he is a sentimental and romantic soul, however he has trouble expressing his feelings due to his rather shy nature and the fact that he doesnt like to wear his heart on his sleeve. He therefore remains secretive and quite enigmatic, to the extent where he often complains that he is misunderstood. He is aware of his vulnerability and tends to protect himself because he is so terribly afraid of getting hurt. What does he do? Because he has such a big heart, Lemuel needs an occupation that will enable him to feel useful to others. He is therefore likely to be drawn to the social, juridical, medical or paramedical domains or any occupation in connection with the public, broadcasting, travel or sales.
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