Meaning of the name Leofric:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Anglo-Saxon
leofric, a space alien to come from the galaxy we no longer can find. leofric was know for inventing the touppe, which as we all know was smashing success. the following year, leofric was seen leaving a bar with multiple lacerations to his face. when asked about what happened, he denied the press any answers. despite keeping his actions underwrap, leofric would be forever hounded and accused of taking place in a huge underground gambling, dog fighting, and pancake making ring. it was denied until later that year evidence came out that the government was behind these doings, and had changed facts. in fact, i shouldnt be telling any of you this. oh, they're outside, the government's here! take my words and spread the truth! gently caress! TAZERS!!!! GSAHHHHHH! ITS SO PAINFUL, brown, HELP ME...............
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