Meaning of the name Mable:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A old respectible name.
I am mable and I love to laugh...tell jokes and the truth is I don't really know my name
mable is a sweet delicate flower
Her heart is complete,Her attention is very focused,Her love is contagous,She speaks only the truth,She takes pride in herself,Keeps a cool head when asked to,Her charm and beauty are a delight,She is a ture friend,and always will cherish her special moments
a soft gentle flower
I really love you
my aunt is named Mable and it means cool and lovble and sweat
mable is able to do stuff like me
eeeewwww eeww eeeeeewwwww gross dogs
My mother name is MABLE and she is a sweetheart love u mommie
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