Meaning of the name Macara:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
The name Macara means you have power over are often stuborn at are hard working and interested in research. you are always looking for a chance to do your own thing,be your own person and to have thing done your own are bold and independent and you like home security over all.
07.25.07 at 12:57 pmJohn John The BastardMy team in a league of kids I knew threw radio staoitns for a few years was The Bouncing Soldier FieldsBasketball :420 Bakers.Baseball: M L Airlines And hockey is always :Fleury's Bottle (a gold star for whoever get's that reference)Useable for all areThe Christ PunchersThe Upright Otters Fondue With Cheddar Blanquito Favorito (Works really well if you are the lone honkey in an all minority league. Why yes, I do live in Harlem why do you ask?)
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