Meaning of the name Macarena:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish
Ehhh macarena (ayyyyy!)
a freakin awesome dance great to do with friends randomly!!
it means crazy lol
The dance.... 4 spanish only :)
My friends name is Macarena and I sing the macarena to make her mad but I think her name is beautiful and if I were to think Of a definition it would be funny,spiritive, and beautiful
luv ze song / dane :)
this site as stated earlier is useless becuz people who are being a smarta** and think theyre so cute are making it useless
loveY rear endS GIRLLL
my mom has this name and she's relly doesn't like her name in fact the new people she meets she says her name is "laura" so everybody know her s laura & when i want to ake her mad i put the song "macarena"
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