Meaning of the name Macayla:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
a gift from god a angel a perfit baby to aduldhood
lovley in every way
aswom cool great in school
This Name means amazing outstanding and loves music i should know my names macayla loves candy is fat or thinks is fat very pron to suggest loves animals favorite color is blue loves water but had a bad time with water at lest one time in her life is a leo favorite animal is dogs even tho she dont like the smell and loves to cook and eat and hates when people are on the phone or talking durning movies love romance drama and action movies loves god loves world history and hates civics because its harder and loves making frinds but loses them easy
Weird mean if you piss them off
sweet nice kind
nice sweet and always caring for others
I think it means kind and valuable and anybody would be lucky to have you
Gender experiment was initeesrtng. Not that I did anything *too* drastic, but not many people noticed that I was dressed differently at all. What was most surprising was that my mom told me that I should alter my dress to make it look like a dress we saw on TV! Interesting to see the effect that the media has on the way we expect others to dress.
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