Meaning of the name Macey:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
macey means beautifull and loving:)
not selfish, not fat, awesome
Macey means beautiful, like Aphrodite herself, strong, smart, loving and loved, and adored by family, friends, and secretly by enemies.
Everyone who knows a macey almost EVERYONE gets along with her. Maceys' are very kind unique and funny!!! If you knew me we would be best friends as soon as we met. And btw macey is NOT a backstabbing beotch the name lacee is get it right. If you knew her you would tell right away what kinda person she was!!!!!love ya,-macey-
Umm. My name is macey and im very aawesome
macey is the core meaning of love.
my best friend is named macey!!and she is the brown!!she is not selfish and is very caring..she is smart but has her blonde moments lol.. she is not ugly she is very pretty and is skinny as a stick.. so all you stupid that talk bad about some girl named macey are going to be sorry if i hear you so peace!!!!:-D
My name Macey means that everyone loves me. I can have my blonde moments and is very loving and kind. She is very pretty and smart.
macey means a awesome person that everyone can get alog with and everyone should love and also is so nice and beautiful and not fat and smart and loves to share and loves to laugh
Macey means a gorgeous goddess
my name is macey and im very kind and never call people names and everything people have said is 100% true
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