Meaning of the name Mack:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
Awesome kind funny cool Awesome and caring!!! And that is all a person should be!!
Mac means caring and lovinglovableawesome
Amazing, Cool, Hot, the Best
He rules
Macks are AWESOME and have the best family in the world!
Very cool dude, almost too cool. Most likely a CIA operative or other type of secret agent. Probably shadow operate. Possibly gone rogue from any the possible secret agencies. Seems to have unlimited knowledge on endless topics, an unbelievable level and number of skills, yet for no real discernible purpose. Seems to have unlimited resources and said resources as well as his means of income are unexplainable and mysterious in nature. A shady dude, but cool to hang out with... Just don't let him near your secret mad science lab, doomsday devices, or invite him to your international terrorists poker game.
Its my name so-loveY
very cool dude
Someone you do not want to fight. He is extremely mellow and laid back, but if you manage to somehow anger him to a point of physical violence (which is excedingly difficult), you will certainly regret it as he is very skilled in combat of all forms and much stronger than he looks. In addition, he is unkillable. Not immortal, but nothing can KILL him.
Awesome. funny good looking Nice
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