Meaning of the name Mackenzi:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
^^ I'm Mackenzi and I think I am: good at treating bullies kindly, like smiling at them, making them feel more...Happy! Sweet, kind, not so beautiful (That's just ME), and pretty popular. EVERYONE knows me. Bye! ^^
Most of these aren't true...And have horrible grammar. But I will give the best explanation of myself:Kind. In young ages, shy. Very smart, as in 'always-in-the-spelling-bee' smart. 'Gets-only-A+s' smart. Very bossy ( I admit it ) to siblings if any, but sweet as anything to everyone else. Mood swings WAY too early ( age 10 ) and sometimes mean. Well-I think that explains my hazel-eyed, brown haired self. I also think this is an amateur site...Making people write their own definitions. But, this is me! 10 year old, Mackenzi. ~Kenzi
Um...WORST. GRAMMAR. EVER. "mackenzi is the bestest best friend you could ever meet" "pretty popular loves to be finny" I am not popular. I am not pretty. I'm a bit funny. I don't LOVE to though. WHAT AN AMATEUR SITE!!!!!! ~Mackenzi
I'm Mackenzi and thanks ^^. fine persony when I want, but mostly I kill with kindness :3. I'm a wonderful best friend from what I hear.
Pretty and popular loves to be finny sometimes can be mean at times
cute and pretty and popular but not all mackenzi are nice
is the best friend you cold ever meet
mackenzi is the bestest best friend you could ever meet
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