Meaning of the name Madailéin:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Irish
Someone who is kind strage and loud,but is a great friend.
Well, my sister's name is Madailein. She may be loud and very annoying but i love her.
You put the lime in the coconut and drink the artclie up.
Maureen / on TwitterI tried NaNoMo once and I froze. Which is weird for me. Up until last year I wrote three full pages in my janurol every. I have over 60 books full of my words that came because I wanted them to and not because of NaNoMo.I stopped because I’ve acquired arthritis in my right hand and can barely hold a pen. I know I can write a janurol on my computer but I’m a proponent of Julia Cameron and she always insisted in writing by hand. I’m sure she would say that if I had no other choice but to type she would be okay with it… but I’ve hit a brick wall with this.I also tell myself that I’ve run out of space to put all the janurols. I even told my kids when I die they can have them. They both looked like deer caught in my headlights.My daughter commented that she had no desire to read what I wrote about her and her rocky journey in High School. My son blanched at the thought. LOL kids
a type of piano. Irish for Piano
it means a spectacularly special 14 year old
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