Meaning of the name Madalina:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Romanian
it means a great women a kind heart women thatis strong
ms. perfect thinks their all that
well yeah ^^
Madalina means a nice little angle
Madalina means a nice little angle
my name is madalina and who are you i think i know you because my friends think im a brat
That's a mold-breaker. Great thiinkng!
it….I am so happy for this federom. I realize that my anxiety was controlling me and how I treated everyone around me. I was beginning to suck the life out of all the fun things that we could enjoy together as a family. Fast forward to now, my anxiety doesn’t control me and it is not a negative impact on my relationships. I look back and realize how much I missed out on and really work on not letting it ruin my current relationships. My kids and husband have learned that they can trust me and that I will be in control of my emotions. Guess who opened my eyes? Guess where I learned all these amazing traits? Well, I had to really look at my self, what I wanted out of my relationships and then pray for God to change my heart. I would pray that He would show me how to love people the way He does; unconditionally and mercifully. I had to listen and learn from the Martins- they had already been through this storm and had successfully come out on the other side. Thanks much to Kirk, Anita and Casey for teaching us a better way.Darcy
the perfect name for a baby
no sorry losers
"a perfect little angel or so she thinks" ahaha!! The madalina i knew was a brat:P Not that all of them are!!! I thnk madalina is a wonderful name. Just don't become a jerk to other people... or use them.
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